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Dräger Zeus® Infinity® Empowered Dräger Zeus® Infinity® Empowered
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Dräger Zeus® Infinity® Empowered - Anaesthesia Workstation

The Dräger Zeus® Infinity® Empowered (IE) combines ease of use with innovative technology. Taking the anaesthesia process well beyond present frontiers, the Zeus® IE represents a technological milestone which gives you an outstanding system integration and workflow control. The Dräger Zeus® IE lets you concentrate on your patient, not on your workstation.


High level of integration


Zeus IE has a pioneering role when it comes to system integration. You can set and monitor via the 20" graphical user interface the ventilation, fresh-gas delivery and agent dosing. The layout can be customised to display the optional integrated patient monitoring data and integrated SmartPilot View which calculates the depth of anaesthesia in a split screen. All the information needed to make decisions is available at a glance, thus helping you to improve workflow efficiency.


Enhanced workflow


Functional ergonomics further serve to streamline your workflow. The Zeus IE fits perfectly to almost every OR layout, as it can be operated from both sides and the monitors can be positioned accordingly. The timer-controlled automatic self-test contributes to overall workflow efficiency. In addition, the Zeus IE can seamlessly transfer data to IT solutions and Electronic Medical Record Keeping Systems. As data protection becomes more and more important for the hospitals, the cyber security of Zeus IE is being enhanced with the new sotfware 2.0.


Smart support


The Zeus IE offers you assistance and decision-supporting software technologies which can support your workflow and help to improve the quality of care. The new optional ventilation assistance system Smart Ventilation Control (SVC) is a clinical-knowledge based assistance system which adapts ventilation to physiology from intubation until extubation. You just set a clinical target (e.g. Encourage Spontaneous Breathing) and SVC will adjust automatically the ventilation parameters (e.g. inspiratory pressure and breathing frequency) to achieve the targeted ventilation.
Furthermore, the optionally integrated SmartPilot View, a software to visualise and predict the anaesthesia level, enables you to see instantly the combined effect of volatile agent and opioids. The “what-if function” shows you the calculated effect of a volatile agent setting even before the setting is confirmed.


Increased efficiency


The dosing principle of the Zeus IE, Target Controlled Anaesthesia (TCA), aims at maximising efficieny and ease of use. Based on the set target concentration of FiO2 and expiratory anaesthetic agent, Zeus IE delivers the required amount of oxygen and volatile agent. Due to the fact that Zeus IE works as a closed system, no gas is wasted during wash-in and steady state. That means that Zeus IE delivers exactly the amount of gas which is metabolised by the patient. Because it saves gases and anaesthetic agent, the Zeus IE is an efficiency driver and reduces the amount of greenhouse gases produced by your hospital.


Uncompromised ventilation quality


The Zeus IE offers high ventilation quality in the OR on ICU level and can be used for patients of all ages and acuity levels. The innovative blower-driven ventilation technology can provide practically unlimited flow, regardless of ventilation mode. The blower unit TurboVent2 enables spontaneous breathing on both pressure levels (real BiPAP ventilation). The availabilty of CPAP in Man/Spont mode and active PEEP regulation keeps even the lungs of obese patients and critically ill lungs open.