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Dräger Advanced Workplace DesignDräger Advanced Workplace Design
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Dräger Advanced Workplace Design

Our solutions offer real, round-the-clock improvement for your clinical routine and focus on places where performance demands on your team are highest.


Lighting package

​The RGB indirect lighting system lets you use the power of colour to create a pleasent, comfortable atmosphere for you and your patients. The Circadian Illumination System (CIS) simulates the passing day and helps maintain important circadian rhythms for your patients and yourself. Your patients can recuperate faster and you can work more comfortably. The indirect ceiling illumination system and navigation light provide important spatial orientation cues for your patients and let you move about safely without disturbing your patients. The automatic drawer light provides soft, dazzle-free illumination whenever you open a drawer.


Integrated Arm for Light or Monitor

The space above the bed has several ergonomic advantages. In addition to good visibility, this space can be easily accessed and is in very close proximity to the centre of your attention - your patient. Designed for use with dual-arm ceiling supply units, the additional arm allows you to mount a monitor or an examination light and position them ergonomically above the bed head, maintaining unrestricted patient access and providing a wide-angle visibility.


Noise Display

​The Dräger Noise Display helps you recognise and control excessive levels of noise on your ICU using coloured lights: green means that noise levels are within acceptable limits, while yellow and red lights signify potentially harmful amounts of noise. This easily recognisable display provides objective information, indicating when caregivers need to reduce noise to appropriate levels. Visitors will quickly recognise the Noise Display system as a significant effort on your part toward achieving the goal of total patient comfort and care.



​​Hybrid-OR’s require a high degree of flexibility and superior ergonomics in order to deliver good results and keep pace with the latest developments. That’s why Dräger has come up with the Pendula – a ceiling-mounted Multiple Monitor Holder that can be equipped with anywhere from one large display to 8 single monitors. The spring loaded, dual-arm suspension system is mounted to a single point on the ceiling, which gives you more precise control and an improved action radius. The Pendula can be controlled from either the front or rear side and features our EasyGlide™ bearings and DualBrake™ pneumatic braking system for practically effortless positioning. The suspended frame is free to swing away in the event of a collision, which reduces the possibility of damage or injury. Smooth surfaces and integrated cable management translate to easy cleaning and improved hygiene.


Integrated Patient Lifting Solution

​Injuries sustained while lifting patients are a major cause of caregiver disability. However, many lifting systems on the market today require bulky ceiling installations and can be costly. That's why our engineers have come up with a new answer: Dräger now lets you combine the Guldmann patient lifting module with a ceiling supply unit.


Mova Cart 2.0

​The new Mova Cart 2.0 comes in five versions.You can now accommodate two endoscopy devices side by side, configure the MIS equipment you need or even transport our Evita Infinity® V500 and Babylog® VN500 ventilators. The optional MediaDocking interface provides all the necessary power, gas, media, and data connections for your medical devices. Round corners and edges reduce the likelihood of injury for your personnel and facilitate cleaning.


Circular Rail System and Compact Monitor Holder

​​Changing the position of a supply column can put equipment and devices out of easy reach. The new Circular Rail System for supply columns can greatly improve efficiency and ergonomics on your ward by letting you position your equipment with high flexibility around the column. You can quickly adjust your setup no matter how the column is positioned in the room. Our Compact Monitor Holder can be mounted on supply column front rails or 38 mm poles and includes an integrated keyboard rest for use with documentation systems.