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Double lumen endobronchial tubeDouble lumen endobronchial tube
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Double lumen endobronchial tube

Trifanz offers the rich choice of endobronchial tubes to meet your clinical need.

Endobronchial tube is a device which can be inserted down a tracheal tube after tracheal intubation so as to block off the right or left main bronchus of the lungs in order to be able to achieve a controlled one lung ventilation.
The Lung tissue distal to the obstruction will collapse, thus allowing the surgeon's view and access to relevant structures within the thoracic cavity.
Our blocker tubes are used to achieve lung separation and one lung ventilation as an alternative to double-lumen tubes (DLT) and serve as a choice for pediatric patients as well.
Standard PU Cuff Type

The whole set: 1pcs double lumen endobronchial tube, 1pc Y-connector, 2pcs suction tubes.

The main disadvantage of right sided tubes concerns the short length of the right main bronchus before giving off the upper lobe bronchus (risk of occlusion). Thus, left-sided tubes are usually preferred, even for right-sided surgery, because of the risk of inadequate ventilation of the right upper lobe if incorrectly positioned.

1. OEM & ODM available
2. High volume low pressure cuff and Low profile cuff available
3. Transparent and Smooth
4. Latex free, Single use
5. Camber Blister packing(Dialysis paper+Shrink film) or Dialysis paper+film packing  available


ID SIZE         REF NO.         Mererial          ID SIZE           REF NO.               Meterial

26Fr  Left     98.08.003       PVC                26Fr Right      98.08.023             PVC

28Fr Left      98.08.005       PVC                28Fr Right      98.08.025             PVC

32Fr Left     98.08.007        PVC                32Fr Right      98.08.027             PVC

35Fr Left     98.08.009        PVC                 35Fr Right     98.08.029              PVC

37Fr Left     98.08.011        PVC                 37Fr Right     98.08.031              PVC

39Fr Left     98.08.013        PVC                 39Fr Right     98.08.033              PVC

41Fr Left     98.08.015        PVC                 41Fr Right     98.08.035              PVC