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DNA Resequencing-Yourgene Bioscience
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DNA Resequencing

DNA Resequencing 選擇其他單元: DNA Resequencin... Genome re-sequencing (WGS) is conducted for the genome of the species with a reference sequence, the aim of which is to find out the difference between the sequence of the tested species and the reference sequence, and further speculate the correlation between genotype and phenotype. After comparing the sequenced results with the reference profiling, it selects the corresponding software according to the demands for variation prediction such as SNP, insertion and deletion. Not only can Yourgene compare the difference between the sequenced sample and the reference sequence, but also make a comparison between the samples. Through mature bioinformatics analysis procedure, it can provide a single point of variation, insertion and deletion in the coding area and non-coding area in the genome between the individuals and populations. Under the genome scale, it tests the genetic single-point variation, insertion and deletion, as well as the large fragments of structural variation. Yourgene’s personnel will provide sequencing schemes and strategies based on the species and research purpose of the researcher.