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Syringes  Insulin
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Syringes Insulin (DispoVan & Unolok)

Product Description

DispoVan & Unolok insulin syringes are manufactured on totally automated printing, assembly and packaging lines as per the requirements of the most stringent quality standards. 31G x 5/16″, ‘Super-fine’ 30Gx5/16″ ‘Xtra-fine’ 29Gx1/2″ needles are siliconised to give minimal pain. Presence of low dead space avoids wastage of medication and ensures accurate dosage.
For people who take very small doses (such as children) twice, accuracy of dosage is there in 0.5 ml. Dispovan & Unolok insulin syringes, due to scale increments of 1 unit as compared to 2 units in 1 ml U 100 syringe.