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Disposable High-elasticity Gloves,VINYL glove,Zhonghong Pulin Group Co., Ltd.,Zhonghong Pulin
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Disposable High-elasticity Gloves

Disposable High-elasticity Gloves Click Click Product: Disposable High-elasticity Gloves Product number: 010 Shelf time: 2017-03-30 Model: XS \ S \ M \ L \ XL Type: Powder-free\Powder Level: Medical grade \ Food grade \ Industrial grade Modes of packing: 100 pieces/box, 10 boxes/case, it can also be customized according to customer requirements. Materials: PVC paste resin, plasticizer, elastomer, etc. Color: yellow/white; Certificate: ISO9001 certificate of quality system, ISO13485 certificate of quality system, US FDA certification, EU CE certification, Japanese medical equipment certification, Canada medical equipment registration certificate and China medical equipment registration certificate Product application: it is widely applied to hospitals, families, catering, industry, agriculture and forestry and many other fields Product feature: •Free from latex protein, no allergy; •High-elasticity synthetic materials, ensuring good tension, large elasticity and more flexible operation ; •Low pinhole rate, preventing contact infection •Both hands available, easy to put on/off, smart and comfortable feeling