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Disposable adjustable tracheal catheter,Bone injury and trauma burn equipments,Nanjing Shuangw
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Disposable adjustable tracheal catheter

Name: Disposable adjustable tracheal catheter Number: 13 Description Specifications Product description: Endotracheal intubation is one of the most widely used, most effective and quickest means in the management of respiratory tract. It is the basic skill of medical personnel and it is also an important part of clinical anesthesia. It plays a vital role in saving patients’ life and reducing the mortality Product features: 1. Adjustable. Increase the success rate of endotracheal intubation and reduce the operation time. 2. Interval suction. Prevent and reduce the happen of VPA by sucking the subglottic secretion out. 3.Airbag counter sleeve. It is good for collecting oral and pharyngeal secretions and make it easy to wash and suction. 4.Reinforced tubular body. Apply to different body position of patients’ neck with arbitrary bending. 5. Medical PVC material. Soft and comfortable.