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DiabeGen RT
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DiabeGen RT

Eurospital DiabeGen Step I° and II° Real Time PCR kits represent  the most effective clinical tool for the identification of patients, mostly children and teenagers, at risk to develope Type 1 Diabetes Mellitus.

Identifying patients at risk could help planning the best way to set up the clinical follow-up. In accordance to this criteria, a recent study states that Type 1 Diabetes genetic screening might prevent children/teenagers from useless sufferance, as only 4% of enrolled subjects, and therefore with a known HLA related to this pathology, suffered from the usual diabetic ketoacidosis versus 15-20% of children from the general population.

This aspect underlines how an early preventive diagnosis might prevent from hospitalization due to ketoacidosis and save, at least partially, the ß cells of the patients.