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Biopsy Gun Histo Dana 2.2 MGBiopsy Gun Histo Dana 2.2 MGTru - Cut Biopsy Needles BIOCORE II MG
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DANA 2.2 MG Tru Cut Biopsy Gun

Automatic Biopsy gun for biopsy needles Tru-Cut type with 2,2 cm penetration.
Double trigger, frontal and back.
Compatible with Histo Biocore II MG biopsy needles.
220 gr. Weight.
Visual and tactile safety.
Reusable system for harvesting soft tissue specimens.

» Aluminum steel structure.

» Easy sample retrieval without removing needle from the gun.

» Easily opened.

* The Biopsy Gun allows needles of 12, 14, 16 and 18 Gauge.