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CYBORG MAG is the latest and most advanced device that delivers pulsed magnetic fields (ELF) for magnetic therapy applications. This device combines extremely innovative features and advanced options.
The unit provides a choice of nine basic magnetic fields waveforms, all of which can be modified and arranged in a sequence creating unlimited combination. It also offers the widest range of operating frequencies available on the market (5 to 300 Hz).
A touch screen high-resolution display for guarantees simple operation and provides enhanced readin quality and great flexibility of use.
The device comes with a choice of four applicators of different size and design, which can be used simultaneously and with different programs to treat up to four patients at a time with 4 different programs. The product has very high power levels (up to four coils can be operated simultaneously and independently of each other).
A large number of resident programs for the treatment of a wide range of pathologies.


Frequency range 5÷300 Hz

Magnetic field of 300 Gauss (Peak to Peak)

A variety of waveforms available

4 independent output channels

Wide choice of applicators (coils)

Possibility to use 2 pairs of coil simultaneously

Fully computerised

Large protocol library

Possibility to store complex protocols

Bibliography and application notes available on screen

Patients records file

Simultaneous multi-patient treatment sessions up to 4 different therapies

Completely programmable

Therapy bed of rugged aluminium (or wooden) structure with Simple positioning of lumbar coil.


1 pc. – Magnet  (MGN)

1 pc. – Power cable (C/A)


Evoline Trolley  (A01.00128)

Ø 60 cm, L 40 cm lumbar coil  (A01.00094)

Cable for Lumbar coil (A01.00095)

Ø 30 cm Limb coil  (A01.00064)

Cable for Limb coil (A01.00093)

Coil Ø 15 cm NORTH (A01.00121)

Coil Ø 15 cm SOUTH (A01.00130)

Black cable for Ø 15 cm coils  (A01.00091)

Red Ø 7.5 cm coil  (A01.00092_R)

Black Ø 7.5 cm coil (A01.00092_N)

100 cm elastic straps (F7)

Aluminium therapy bed (A01.00006)

Wooden therapy bed  (A01.00040)


Number of output: 4

Field Pilot Signal: 9 waveforms:
-Sinusoidal unipolar or bipolar
-Triangular unipolar or bipolar
-Rectangular unipolar or bipolar
-Sinusoidal alternating unipolar
-Triangular alternating unipolar
-Rectangular pulses

Frequency: 5÷300 Hz

4 applicators: – Ø 7.5 cm
– Ø 15 cm
– Ø 30 cm limb coil
– Ø 60 cm lumbar coil

Max. magnetic induction 300 GPP for Ø 15 cm and Ø 7.5 cm coils 150 GPP for Ø 30 cm coil 100 GPP for Ø 60 cm coil

Indications: LCD 5.7” 640×480 Touch screen full display of operating parameters

Timer: Adjustable with end of treatment acoustic signal and automatic stop of operation

Power Supply: 115-230 V, 50-60 Hz

Power Input: 300 VA

Dim. central unit: 36 x 42 x 36 cm

Weight central unit: 9 Kg.

Dimensions of bed: 200 x 50 x 60 cm

Weight of bed: 40 Kg.

Lumbar Coil: Ø 60 cm, Length 40 cm

Limb Coil: Ø 30 cm, Length 10 cm

Insulation class: Class I – B Type