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Condor RotexTable®

RotexTable® is the top solution for surgeons, since it is the first electrically controlled positioning device for use in hip surgeries such as hip arthroscopies or endoprosthetics. Specifically when patients have cartilage injuries or labrum ruptures, surgical intervention, such as hip arthroscopies, makes sense. The problem is that the procedure is rather complex, although it is minimally invasive. Precision is what counts: During a hip arthroscopy, the hip must be in an ideal position, for example, and has to remain in it. The Condor RotexTable® makes this possible. Due to the quick setup of the system for hip arthroscopic procedures and the easy anchoring of the instruments, the surgeon saves time in addition to personnel. To get an even better view of the patient’s hip during the procedure, the RotexTable® can be rotated in five steps.

Hip arthroscopies are technically difficult procedures. During the surgery, the surgeon must obtain an overview of the joint structures to be able to make a diagnosis on the one hand, and to be able to do accurate work on the other hand. Elaborate repositioning steps and adjustments to the patient’s position during hip arthroscopy are essential. Since we at Condor are always in touch with surgeons, we were able to develop a solution for the challenges surgeons encounter during hip arthroscopy: the Condor RotexTable®. With this invention, the surgeon can now adjust all essential leg positions during hip arthroscopies and also receives feedback about tissue tension. The risk of fracture after the fact is minimized, and the surgeon can perform intraoperative luxation tests.