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ColorCode Plus
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ColorCode Plus

Continuous liquid bath, frequent washing, esp. the immediate washing after antigen retrieval heating throughout the immunohistochemical staining (IHC) workflow create great risk of specimen section or cell loss from smear preparation. The PorLab ColorCode PLUS microscope slides are loaded with a permanent strong positive charge which reliably tightens tissue sections and cells to the glass slide. The PorLab ColorCode PLUS microscope slides are proved to have good performance in both acidic and basic antigen-retrieval liquid.


All the PorLab ColorCode PLUS microscope slides are supplied with 1 silky color-coating on 1 Side at 1 End, the silky color-coating is 20mm in depth and resistant to chemicals and stains that are commonly utilized in laboratory.

Recommended Application:


1. Manual IHC staining, automatic IHC staining with the Leica and Dako automated IHC Stainers

2. H&E staining of problematic tissue sections like brain, adipose, skin and bone. Tissue microarray.

3. Liquid Based Cytology(Centrifugation and Membrane system)


* Markable with conventional labeling system, pencils, designated mark pens and most of the well-known 2-D barcode based slide printers on the market.

* Microscope slides with beveled edges are highly recommended for insuring utmost safety during manual operation.


Dimensions: 25.0×75.0×1.1mm