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Collection of 24 minerals - 1018444 - U72020 - Mineralogy - 3B Scientific
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Collection of 24 minerals

Home Earth Science Mineralogy and Petrography Mineralogy Next Collection of 24 minerals $ 182.00 in stock Description Product Data Recommended The collection of 24 minerals contains examples of ten classes of minerals: elements, sulphides, halogenides, oxides, carbonates, borates, sulphates, silicates, phosphates and organic compounds. The collection contains: 1. Elements: graphite and sulphur 2. Sulphides: bournonite, galenite and pyrite 3. Halogenides: fluorite and halite 4. Oxides: hematite, quartz and rutile 5. Carbonates: calcite and dolomite 6. Borates: ludwigite 7. Sulphates: barite, coelestine and gypsum 8. Phosphates, arsenates and vanadates: apatite and vanadite 9. Silicates and germanates: actinolite, amazonite, muscovite, sodalite and talk 10. Organic compound: copal