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Clinical Chemistry AnalyzerClinical Chemistry AnalyzerClinical Chemistry Analyzer
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HB1 Clinical Chemistry Analyzer

skyla HB1 Clinical Chemistry Analyzer utilizes precision photometric measurement technology, combined with the single-use disposable reagent discs. The reagent disc contains a set of dry assay reagents that are used in the quantitative testing of various biomarkers in the blood sample. HB1 provides clinical testing laboratories of medical facilities and clinics with an in-vitro clinical chemistry diagnostic tool that is compact, portable, and reports rapid results. Only needs 200µl of blood (whole blood, serum or plasma is accepted.) and no sample preparation is required. All steps are designed automatically from checking the validity of reagent discs and cartridges to printing the results. Over 30 test parameters are allowed with fast analysis and results in 15 minutes. Internal Quality Control (IQC) with self-calibration of optical system, chemicals stability and interference alerts functions monitor and ensure the results with high accuracy.

Available Items

  • Renal Function - BUN, CREA, CysC*, eGFR#
  • Liver Function - ALB, TP, ALP, ALT, AST, TBIL, DBIL,GGT, GLOB#, A/G#, IBIL#
  • Lipid Metabolism - TG, TC, HDL, LDL#, VLDL#
  • Pancreatitis Makers - AMY, LIPA
  • Cardiovascular Makers - HCY*
  • Carbohydrate Metabolism and Others - GLU, CPK, UA, LAC
  • Inflammatory Makers - CRP
  • Electrolyte - Na, K, Cl, Ca, PHOS, Mg, tCO2