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Clickholter - holter ECG recorder

Clickholter is an holter ECG recorder that allows you to record, with any patient cable configuration, optionally up to 7 days, with a sampling rate of up to 500 samples/second.
Clickholter is available in BASE configuration that provides up to 48 hours at 250 samples/second recording. It is possible to choose the number of channels to be recorded using a 5 or 7-wire cable. The device automatically recognises the inserted cable and consequently selects the type of recording. Through the software it is also possible to select the sampling rate to be used by the device while recording. Clickholter offers the operator the option to record a 20s voice message during the preparation, which is useful for the subsequent identification of the patient. The user interface is simple and intuitive. A TFT 2.2” colour display shows up to 6 traces simultaneously, allowing the physician to check good signal quality before starting recording. A 4-way joystick plus pressure allows you to easily navigate the menu and configure the device. Two LEDs, a green one and a blue one, provide indications on battery and device status, while a buzzer signals any errors. The recorder comes with a compact design in terms of weight and
dimensions to ensure that the appliance is comfortable to wear. The recorded data may be downloaded and analysed via the Cardioline cubeholter software or downloaded and sent to a remote computer via the Cardioline webuploader software. Data are transferred via a USB cable. With webuploader it is also possible to prepare the recorder, by transferring patient data onto it and the type of recording to be performed. The power supply with standard AA battery ensures that the recorder is easy to prepare and the option of using rechargeable batteries allows you to contain the costs of the material.