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CleanCut™ CNS3 autopsy system
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CleanCut™ CNS3 autopsy system

The CleanCut™ CNS3 autopsy system incorporates a saw handpiece and an extractor system which operates to the highest standards of pathogenic debris containment and filtration.

The safe 40 Vdc handpiece is fully immersible allowing it to be routinely scrubbed and disinfected after use

Fully variable speed from zero to maximum operating speed is controlled at the power supply for optimum cutting efficiency

Saw handpiece is rated against liquid ingress to IP67 - immersible at 1 metre

The extractor has five levels of filtration enabling the system to meet the highest health standards

The CleanCut™ NS170-T air driven oscillating saw has been specifically developed to allow repeated sterilization by vacuum steam autoclaving

Oscillating speed: 17000 cpm

Air consumption: 3.3 l/s (7cfm)

Normal operating pressure: 7 bar (101 lbf/ in2)

Length: 267 mm

Weight: 0.86 kg

Sound level: 75 dB(A)


Oscillating speed: 0 - 14,000 cpm

Voltage: 42 Vdc

Cable length: 4 metres

Length: 275 mm

Weight: 1.15 kg

Sound level: 70 dB(A)


Motor power (max): 1 kW

Supply voltage: 120 or 230 Vac

Supply frequency: 50 - 60 Hz

Suction: 2,500 water gauge mm

Filtration: 99.997% > 0.5 microns

Debris bag capacity: 7.5 litres

Sound level: 58 dB(A)