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CALPRO Tablets

CALPRO Tablets

NuGen’s presented CALPRO Tablets consist on a highly researched and unique combination of calcium sourced from (micro crystalline Hydroxyapatite) Ossien complex & minerals with vitamin C, D and K2 helps to absorb and deliver complete nutritional benefits to the body. Especially (micro crystalline Hydroxyapatite) Ossien complex sourced calcium along with minerals absorbs effectively in the body and maintains bone structural health strong and durable, it provide lubrication and flexibility to body & nerves so all essential cells transportation & communication can be done properly.  CALPRO Tablets work as an Antioxidant and remove free radicals and disturbance causing substances from the body, it helps to absorbs calcium minerals in the body and play essential role in bone formation and regulated optimal bone density and reduces chance of Age related break down, reduce chance of blood clot formation in nerves & veins make them clear and make blood flow easy and possible all across the body.

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