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Callisto Macintosh Laryngoscope Blade
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Callisto Macintosh Laryngoscope Blades

Callisto is the U.K's No.1 single use laryngoscope system.

It has been designed to offer a true low cost alternative to reusable blades and handles with exceptional specifications to reduce cross infection, cost, maintenance and processing costs. The Timesco Callisto brand is trusted and respected due to its high level of clinical performance.

The Callisto range consists of an extensive range of single use blades including specialist blades, all with exceptional specifications including; a rigid metal spatula, secure fitting and no touch hook to reduce the risk of cross infection.

The Macintosh design features a curved blades, are inserted into the vallecula, epiglottis fold, and moved laterally to expose the laryngeal cavity and vocal cords. These are the most popular blades worldwide.


  • Highly polished 4mm acrylic core for maximum illumination
  • Rigid metal spatula looks and feels like a reusable fibre optic blade
  • Single use logo clearly marked on the back of the blade
  • 2 metal ball bearings for secure fitting
  • Green ISO 7376 fitting plastic block compatible with green fitting single use and reusable handles
  • No touch hook prevents the blade from touching the handle
  • Supplied in boxes of 10

The Timesco Callisto Macintosh laryngoscope blades are available in all of the following sizes:

Product Code            Description                                 Measurements     

DS.3940.150.05         Callisto Macintosh Size 0             80mm x 13mm

DS.3940.150.10         Callisto Macintosh Size 1             90mm x 18mm

DS.3940.150.15         Callisto Macintosh Size 2             100mm x 18mm

DS.3940.150.20         Callisto Macintosh Size 3             130mm x 18mm

DS.3940.150.23         Callisto Macintosh Size 3.5          144mm x 18mm

DS.3940.150.25         Callisto Macintosh Size 4             153mm x 18mm

DS.3940.150.30         Callisto Macintosh Size 5             174mm x 16mm

View the Callisto Laryngscope Range brochure here