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Walking slowly or quickly, running on inclines or in rough terrain, avoiding tripping situations, walking down stairs step-over-step or flexing the leg under a load: the C-Brace® lets users experience new freedom of movement. The C-Brace® enhances safety by responding in real time, including in possible tripping situations: the user can step or sit down with the knee flexed and walk on uneven terrain or slopes.The new sensor technology makes the C-Brace® even more intuitive to use; movement patterns are even more dynamic and responsiveThe new C-Brace® can be constructed by certified O&P professionals directly at the medical supply company. Both the user and technician benefit from simplified fabrication.
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C-Brace KAFO/KO - Knee Ankle Foot Orthosis/Knee Orthosis

Computer-controlled orthotronic mobility system

The computer-controlled C-Brace® KAFO opens up entirely new possibilities for freedom of movement. Flexing the leg under load, for example while sitting down, negotiating slopes, walking over uneven terrain or going down stairs step-over-step – the C-Brace® orthotronic mobility system is the first to make it all possible.

And the new C-Brace® offers additional advantages: it’s smaller and can also be worn under clothing; it’s lighter and the user doesn’t need to exert as much effort when walking. New sensor technology makes the entire gait pattern even more dynamic and responsive. The user can also change settings on their joint – such as switching to cycling mode – using a smartphone app.

Like the technician, the user also benefits from a considerably simplified fitting process. The technician can now fabricate the C-Brace® directly using two different fabrication methods and also configure individual user settings via a tablet.