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Vacuum Assisted Breast Biopsy system 'bexcore'
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'bexcore' is an advanced biopsy equipment that is used to biopsy or remove a breast tumor without making a large scar.

The excised tissue gives an accurate diagnosis result and this device can also be used for a treatment by removing the whole benign tumor.

Real-time ultrasound enables an accurate diagnosis and treatment at the same time without a surgical incision.


●It works quietly making less vibration and noise.

●The light hand-held driver makes the user use more comfortably.

●You can choose the aperture that is different in size like 5, 10, 15 and 20mm according to the tumor size.

●The samples that gather into the chamber can be removed at once so it requires less assistance.

●Although the bleeding occurs due to continuous suction during operation, it can precisely remove the tumor.

●The operation time can be reduced by removing a big tumor.

●The tumor that is closed to the skin and nipple can be safely removed as well.


In Korea, some reputed university hospitals and about 230 of general hospitals & clinics are using our product.

Currently, we have 40% of market share in domestic market due to simple procedure & high quality service.

For the procedure, please check this YouTube link :