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Balance Fit (GHF550) Platform 10" & 24"

 1. Main Features of BalanceFit 10 (GHF550)

1). Use

•     BalanceFit 10 (GHF550) mainly used for "the static Foot Pressure Measurement and Dynamic Gait Analysis" from getting  the sensor plate data for the users”.

•     The device analyse  user’s foot type, balance and posture status through the total Static Foot Pressure and Balance Measurements , and give them best solutions  based on the results of



•  Made-in Korean Product more than 10 years  of relative technology accumulation

•  Equipped with  High-tech pressure sensors for static foot pressure and dynamic gait analysis   (Sensor size : 480mm X 480mm)

•  Built in 2,304 cells of FSR Sensors  with Accuracy & Durability

•  Static  Pressure & Dynamic Gait Analysis / display 2D & 3D /  COP (center of pressure)

•  User-friendly combined device with touch screen

•  E-mail / Print function

•  Give best solutions based on user’s measurement  with QR code

•  Easy modification based on customer’s requests.


2. Key Features 

  BalanceFit 10(GHF550) is GMP certified Medical Device with pressure sensors made by Korea, and give strong reliability and  efficiency for pressure, posture and balance.

1). Medical certified device (GMP)

        Certified Korean GMP / EZ777 Dynamic Gait Analysis

2). All in One System : Measurement ~ Diagnosis ~ Exercise Solution  in one System

         - Insole solutions based on Foot Type & Posture Type

         - Socks / Shoes solutions based on Measurement

3). Officially approved Gait / Posture Solution through B2G & B2B

         - Health Insurance Corporation / Dementia Relief Center

         -  Samsung Musculoskeletal disorder prevention Center /  Hospitals


3. Equipment Components

•Movable Kiosk : 1 Unit

•Device(FOOT CHECKER) : 1 Unit

•Measurement PC : 1 Unit

•Program  : 1set

•User Manual 1ea

•USB  Cable / Adapter 1set

•Option : TV / TV stand 1set