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Fully Automated Feces Analyzer - AVE Science & Technology Co.Ltd.
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AVE-562 Fully Automated Feces Analyzer

AVE-562 Fully Automated Feces Analyzer Coming Soon! * Physical Exams: Image Stored; * Sample Preparation: Diluted, Mixed, Filtrated and Recycled; * Formed Elements Test by Microscopy: Full-fieled Scanned, Located and Tracked, Recognized, Classified and Counted; * Occult Blood Test, Virological Test, Bacteriological Test: Coloration, Image Capture, Automatic Identification. Parameters Detected by Microscopy: All types of visible Feces Formed Elements can be detected and identified; Physical Test: Physical parameters like color, character, etc. can be evaluated by automatic image capture; Fecal Occult Blood: Automatic analysis of occult blood available; Extensible Tests: Routine tests like urine, hydrothoax, cerebrospinal fluid, gastric juice, and sperm tests etc. can be done; Bacteriological Test: Colloidal gold method test parameters, like helicobacter pylori etc. can be evaluated automatically; Virological Test: Colloidal gold method test parameters, like rotavirus, adenovirus, coxsackie virus etc. can be evaluated automatically. Physical Test: Physical character of feces sample will be recorded with images captured through automatic barcode reading; Morphological Test: Use automated morphological microscopy technology to capture real images of feces formed elements, and then locate and track, recognize, classify and count them; Chemistry Test: Capture images of coloration on variou