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Automatic Streaking WASP® | COPAN Spa
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Automatic Streaking WASP®

Copan WASP®: Walk-Away Specimen Processor is a truly revolutionary instrument for specimen processing for Microbiology. WASP® provides a comprehensive system encompassing all aspects of automated specimen processing, planting and streaking, Gram slide preparation, enrichment broth inoculation and dispensing of antibiotic disks for AST (Antibiotic Susceptibility Testing). Designed to work 24/7, WASP® has a demonstrated throughput capacity allowing labs to expand their workload without a significant impact on the human resources needed. As demonstrated since the launch of WASP® in 2008, Copan vision for its line of automation is to continually introduce new capabilities and applications modules, to respond to customer needs, and maintain the technical and market leadership. WASP®'s visionary modular and open* platform design ensures the lab can measure and achieve a satisfactory Return on the Investment as well as embrace automated solutions through a step-by-step approach.