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Automatic blood grouping instrument
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Automatic blood grouping instrument

Automatic blood grouping instrument Date:2014/9/26 9:32:20 Hits:6296 Automatic Blood Grouping Instrument SA-120 Modular System Dual Needles Integrated Intelligent Piercing BarcodeSymbologies Module System Various modules work Enhanced speed due to unique Integrated barcode symbologies Piercing module with 1,3 and 6 awls simultaneously and independently dual needles pipettingsystem. system is able to minimize the for piercingmicrotubes.With this that provide a high throughput . Results in faster pipetting of human errors and ensure accurate unique combination 1,2,3,4,5 or all Modular system makes it samples and reagent red cells. results.Working list creation and 6 microtubes can be pierced depending possible to offer continuous Bothneedles can execute the patient datamanagement can be on the sample and testrequirement. sample loading capacity preparation of red cell done during sample barcode Applicable for all kinds of microtubes