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Covered proof shoe - 1st layer of a footbed
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nora® Astro form 15

Soft, permanently resilient, and thermoformable, a  multifunctional material!

The material Astro form is made of light cellular rubber with a unique composition of properties. It is very soft and resilient, yet still keeps its shape! With Astro form 8 and Astro form 15, this material is available in two types. Both have a closed cell structure, are hygienically washable and optimally thermoformable, and also exhibit particular softness and high permanent resilience and recovery capability after processing.

Whereas Astro form 8 is so soft that the Shore A hardness is scarcely measurable, Astro form 15 is firmer and tighter with a Shore A hardness of about 15 and a density of 0.32 g/cm³, and exhibits even greater recovery capability. The practitioner can choose between these two types depending on the load conditions, use, and area. Astro form 15 is above all suitable for areas subjected to greater loading like individual toe elements, heel or forefoot cushioning, insole pads, etc. The material is interesting above all for orthopaedic applications that require combined bedding and cushioning properties in the structure. When heated, Astro form 15 can be very easily drawn, placed over the workpiece, and subsequently heat molded. Thermoformable at approx. 110-130°C / 230-266°F.