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ARE 150 Chariot
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ARE 150 Chariot

This chariot was developed and designed by Auto Ribeiro and its primary objective is to improve the performance of the trolley and stretcher set within the ambulance.


Product Details


66 kg

Maximum load allowed
300 kg

Maximum measurements
1965 x 690 x 345 mm



Right drive:
Pull the right lever to raise and lower the dolly and can be operated from the front or rear. Slightly force both ends to ease handling.

Left drive:
Pull the left lever to move the upper deck of the dolly lengthwise.

Lateral Drive:
The base has levers that, when activated, release a perforated angle, allowing the entire set to move sideways.



For any movement of the dolly
the safety rod must be removed.
(This is the only way to work properly with the charriot).


This rod is located in the rear travel shoe near the rear doors.



Visual inspection of the articulated system
Bimonthly lubrication with grease