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anesthesia workstaion with patient monitor
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Anesthesia workstation

SD-M2000C plus Anaesthesia Workstation


5.5” monochrome TFT LCD screen

Built in Anesthesia ventilator

Battery back up for all system not less than 30 mins

Compact CO2 absorber (autoclavable)

Optional: Continuous FIO2 monitoring

Optional: Scavenging system

Optional: Yoke system for 5L O2/N2O cylinders

Optional: Integrated suction unit on air


Anesthesia main unit:

1. High resolution 5.5” monochrome LCD screen

2. Close, semi-close, semi-open system

3. Application: Adult, Pediatric

4. Low gas alarming: Low O2 gas pressure, it will gives alarming more than 7 seconds.

5. High pressure Limitation: Whenever airway pressure exceed the pre-set High pressure, ventilator offers protection automatically, to assure airway

pressure can not increase anymore which supplies safety to patient.

6. Low pressure protection: Once O2 pressure less than 0.1MPa, N2O gas supply was stopped automatically.

7. Power failure alarming, power extendable function

8. O2 flush: 35~75L/min

9. Gas Pressure:    O2:0.27~0.55MPa       N2O:0.27~0.55MPa

10. Power:220V±10%,50Hz±1%; 


Flow meter:

1. O2, N2O – four tubes (0~10L/min)

2. O2/N2O inter-lock system, to keep O2 concentration no less than 25%


Anesthesia Ventilator:

1.  Adult/Pediatric bellow and accessories 1 set each;

2.     Pneumatic driven electric control;

3.     Monitor Parameters: Tidal volume, Respiratory frequency, I:E rate, Peak airway pressure, airway pressure waves

4.     Working mode: Manual, Auto (IPPV、SIGH、SIMV/F/2、SIPPV、Optional ETCO2)

5.     Tidal volume: 0~1500mL

6.     Respiratory frequency: 4~60bpm

7.     I: E:1:0.5~1:4 adjustable

8.     Synchronizer trigger Pressure: - 0.3KPa

9.     High pressure limitation: 2~6KPa

10.   Low pressure limitation: 0.6~2KPa


Respiratory Circuit:

1. Consolidated CO2 absorber with own patent (Autoclavable).



1.  Two High precise vaporizers ( Enflurane, Halothane, Isoflurane, Sevoflurane)

2.     Adjustable range: 0.5~5%VOL

3.     Automatic compensation function – flow, pressure, temperature

4.     Self-lock & inter-lock function

5.     Volume: 280 ml