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Alex - Gardhen BilanceAlex - Gardhen BilanceAlex - Gardhen Bilance
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Alex - Bed with integrated scale


Weighing system

  • The bed with integrated scale alex has a metrologically system approved and at the top of accuracy, compliant to directive NAWI 2014/31/EU.
  • LCD digital display with 180° digital angle, easily readable even from 20 meters.
  • Automatic triple scale display:
  • with a max load capacity of 200 kg automatic displaying of the minimal division of 20 g up to 60 kg, 50 g up to 150 kg and of 100g up to 200 kg.
  • with a max load capacity of 300 kg automatic displaying of the minimal division of 20 g up to 60 kg, 50 g up to 150 kg and of 100 g up to 300 kg.
  • Data transmission RS232 or LAN 10/100.
  • Compliance with the more common management softwares in use in hospitals with remote data acquisition.
  • IP44 display.
  • Anti-blackout function for weight data retention.
  • Long-life external emergency battery.
  • Tare weight subtraction before the treatment and during the treatment.
  • Manual and automatic tare function.
  • Weighing system made out with electronic parts manufactured in Italy.
  • The LCD display allows to keep the following parameters visible: hour; weight of the patient; inserted tare weight; inserted or removed weight; weight reduction routine; countdown for weight reduction routine; max load; weight / date / therapy’s starting time; motors movimentation; scale stabilization; weight reduction alarm; bed exit alarm; alert for programmed maintenance;
  • Stainless steel load cells with a max load of 1000 kg and an overload capacity of 2000 kg.


  • Ergonomic lying surface, divided in sections, protected by thermoformed removable ABS easily sanitizable.
  • Lying surface height at 42 cm of the is extremely comfortable. Performances are improved by two motorized columns and integrated weighing system.
  • Reinforced frame in S235JR steel, made stainless through a treatment with thermosetting epoxy paint.
  • The structure is designed to allow an easy sanitization with the most common used detergent.
  • Head and foot board are made out of techno polymer. They can be easily removed through dedicated mechanism. Lightweight and sturdy at the same time.
  • Predisposition to lateral protective system (see standard features).
  • Low voltage motors. Anti-crushing and anti-shearing.
  • Quick release of the backrest through dedicated lever for CPR emergency manoeuvre.
  • Cardiologic position with roto-translation of the backrest to avoid chest’s crushing.
  • Emergency power supply through rechargeable batteries – 10 cycles.
  • Clearance for hoist.
  • Easy access to the floor underneath the device for cleaning.
  • Highly performing wheels to make the transport of the patient easy.
  • Thermoformed ABS base cover.
  • Any part or component of the bed are subject to wear and tear.
  • Resistant to scratch and to all the chemical substances used in hemodialysis therapy.
  • Absence of parts that need to be greased.
  • Hospital bed available in 4 different sizes
  • Customizable with different colours
  • Latex free and phtalates free.


  • Lying section in 4 sections and 3 joints covered with removable thermoformed, removable and washable ABS panels. Lying surface height at 42 cm.
  • Motorized backrest section at 0°-70°.
  • Femoral section at 0°-25°.
  • Servo-assisted leg section. It is moved through gas spring and it is synchronized with the femoral section 0°-35° (approx.)
  • Height adjustable through motorized columns
  • Motorized Trendelenburg and reverse Trendelenburg achievable via motorized telescopic columns with rectangular sections.
  • Backrest’s synchronous movement of 11 cm to reduce chest’s crushing.
  • Cardiologic position AC62.
  • Quick release of the backrest through dedicated lever for CPR emergency manoeuvre – Equipment code AC8L.
  • Low voltage electric motors. The motors are “spline” type to avoid crushing.
  • Painted with epoxy and thermosetting powders – colour chart at page 5.
  • Equipotential node.
  • Removable wrapping head and foot panels in techno polymer – Equipment code AC65 (available also with locking mechanisms – Accessory code AC121).
  • Predisposition to collapsible side rails – Equipment code AC21/S and for half foldable side rails – Equipment code AC71/S
  • No. 4 bumpers.
  • Non-marking 150 mm swivable wheels.
  • Hooks for bags on both sides – Equipment code AC3L.
  • Centralized braking system. Activated through bilateral pedals – Equipment code AC7L2/G.
  • Emergency battery – Equipment code AC17L.
  • Cable support – Equipment code AC50L.
  • 10 buttons handset, movements are controlled by handset with a 3,5 m coiled cable. The handset is user friendly and has visual pictograms useful for partially sighted people. For patient’s safety purpose the handset is provided with an inhibition key – Equipment code AC34P. Insulation IP66.
  • Handset’s inhibition key – Equipment code AC34L.
  • Integrated weighing system.
  • Multifunction LCD display installed over the backrest.