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Actosed PA Powder
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Actosed PA Powder

High-Level Disinfectant for Medical Instruments and Endoscopes​.

Actosed PA Powderis a versatile usable preparation for the safe and rapid sterilization of surgery instruments and medical devices.Actosed PA Powderis presented in a powder form. It is very fast and highly effective disinfectant for medical instruments and endoscopes. The mode of action ofActosed PA Powderis oxidation of proteins by hydrogen peroxide and peracetic acid immediately. This process does not damage the material.Actosed PA Powderis safe for users, patients and environment. It does not contain aldehyde, phenol or quaternary ammonium derivatives. It is suitable for any material. It has anti-corrosive effect owing to corrosion inhibitors. It is effective at different degrees of water hardness.Actosed PA Powderis used for manually disinfection of medical and surgical instruments including MIC surgical instruments, endoscopes, anesthesia materials, and heat-proof and non-heat proof materials. It is used in endoscopic washing and disinfection machines.

Areas of Application:

Add Actosed PA Powder into disinfection bath filled with the tap water. Mix until a clear, transparent, bluish solution is obtained and all of the powder is dissolved. Insert the instruments as disassembled immediately after use. Make sure the solution covers all the tools. Wait for 10 min. for Actosed PA Powder to take effect. Remove all tools from the solution. Rinse and dry them carefully. The prepared solution can be used for 24 hours, then discard the solution. 1 spoon is equivalent to 32.4 g (2 liters).

Usage Concentration; 1,62 %

16,2 g Actosed PA Powder for 1 Liter water

81,0 g Actosed PA Powder for 5 Liters water

Chemical Composition:

100 g contain:

30-50 g Sodium Percarbonate, Tetra Acetyl Ethylene Diamine, Corrosion Inhibitors, Auxiliary Substances