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Hygienic and surgical hand disinfectant.

Actodermanol is an alcohol based product, designed to be frequent-used for hygienic and surgical hand disinfection.Does not cause an allergic reaction. Dermatologically tested. Does not include chlorhexidine or other materials that are active when combined with aldehydes, phenols, hydrogen peroxide and washing agents.

Areas of Application

Hygienic and surgical hand disinfection:

Before operations, excisions, punctions and injections to provide skin antisepsis. Before wearing and after taking off the gloves. After contact with the healthy skin of the patient (pulse, blood pleasure measurement, physical examination). In patient care, while moving hands from the filthy to the clean area. Before contact with neutropenic and immunosuppressive patients. Before and after contact with patients in the isolation room. Before and after wearing gloves in invasive interventions. Especially in units where workload or number of patients is high, with the help of dispenser mounted near the patient in an easily accessible way.

Chemical Composition

70 % (v/v) ethanol, auxiliary substances, purified water