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High Flow Oxygen Therapy
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High flow oxygen therapy

High flow oxygen therapy supports infant breathing by providing respiratory support throughout the respiratory cycle. OxyPAP maintains the infant's functional residual capacity by helping to prevent airway closure. High flow oxygen therapy promotes gas exchange in the alveoli, which acts to Enhance airway patency, Improve lung volume recruitment and Maintain infant energy reserves, without the complications associated with endotracheal intubation.

Optimal Humidity (37 °C, 44 mg/L) with High flow oxygen therapy is vital to support an infant's breathing and protect its developing lungs.

Optimal Humidity protects the lungs to optimize outcomes for the infant by Minimizing airway drying, Improving secretion clearance, Reduce airway Constriction.

Optimal FiO2 of 21% to 100% can be set.

High flow oxygen therapy has 5 different sizes of Nasal cannula: Premature, Neonates, Infants, Pediatric and Adult



Max Flow Rate (L/Min)h                  0.5 - 25

Length of Tubing                              1.75m/5.7ft

Ambient Range C°                           18 - 26 °C

Connection                                       Unique Swivel Connection to Maxflow Cannula 

Compatible Humidifier                      nice 8050

Compatible Blender                          nice 5005 / nice 5010

Humidifier Mode                              Invasive

Duration of Use                               7 Days

Recommended Gas Source           Medical Gas Air - Oxygen Mixture Gas 

Pressure Manifold                          40cm H2O pressure pop off (preset)