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More efficient, faster and more patient-friendly – that’s the way the high-performance injector Accutron HP, which combines two specialists in one device, presents itself. The injector can be used in angiography as well as in computed tomography and allows the fast and precise performance of high-pressure injections as well as creating multiphase injection profiles, either in the single or in the multiple mode.

Optimized diagnostics and very patient-friendly use

The stable flow rate of contrast medium ensures a homogenous contrast medium enhancement during the whole examination.

The Accutron HP ensures a safe and very patient-friendly use – also in paediatrics and neurointervention.

Thanks to a defined delay between injection begin and start of the diagnostic device, the use of contrast medium can be reduced considerably. This saves costs and minimizes the exposure of the patient to contrast medium and radiation.

Precise and economical

Thanks to the diverse application possibilities of the Accutron HP and the use of only onecontrast medium injector and the corresponding consumables – especially in case of use in interdisciplinary departments – examination times can be reduced considerably and costs can be saved.

Easy Loading Syringes (ELS) with a filling volume of 200 ml can be inserted into the integrated, heatable syringe holder with pressure jacket.

Efficient, autarkical and immediately ready for use

Like all MEDTRON injectors of the new generation, the Accutron HP is available completely wirelessly. This means that cables are needed neither for the power supply nor for the operation via remote control. The contrast medium injector disposes of integrated, high-output rechargeable batteries and a radio-controlled remote control.

The quick installation of the Accutron HP saves time and therefore contributes considerably to the optimization of the workflow. Thus, the high-performance injector is autarkical and can be used unrestrictedly in all fields of application, especially when a mobile C-arm is used. The injector can be operated without assistance.

Intuitively operable and user-programmable

The well-structured, self-explanatory menu navigation of the clearly structured touch screen control panel, which is available in different languages, offers a high level of user-friendliness and an intuitive handling.

Injections can be performed either in the single or in the multiple mode.

The wireless interface (Bluetooth)*, which is available for most of the well-known angiography diagnostic devices, allows the use of the foot and hand switch of the diagnostic device. Thanks to the coupling of the Accutron HP and the imaging device, both systems can be started synchronously by only pressing one button. Examination procedures can be realized faster and the exposure of the patient to radiation and contrast medium is reduced considerably. *optional feature


When applying the roadmapping method, the Accutron HP is operated in the single mode (single injection).

Thanks to a maximum injection pressure of 83 bar (1200 psi) in the Angio-mode and a high pressure stability when using the device-specific, braided consumables, the high-performance injector allows a very precise dosage of contrast medium.

The navigation in the multiple mode (multiple injection) allows a quick and easy starting and stopping by means of the hand switch.

Computed tomography:

In the CT-mode, the Accutron HP allows multiphase, programme-controlled injections.

The duration and the delay of the up to three phases are freely selectable.

Of course, MEDTRON provides all device-specific consumables.