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4DryField adhesion prevention and hemostasis
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4DryField - adhesion prevention and hemostasis

4DryField  - adhesion prevention and hemostasis

Two Treatments for a faster recovery:     adhesion prophylaxis and haemostatic agent all in one.


4Dryfield" PH as adhesion prevention

A new generation – in a class of its own

Adhesions are amongst the most common complications following surgery, with side-effects which range from non-specific pain and infertility to ileus.

Targeted prevention of adhesions are part and parcel of modern tissue management.

With 4DryField® PH a product is finally available which achieves haemostasis and adhesion prophylaxis and which is CE approved for both.

A hydrogel is formed when the microparticles of 4DryField® PH are combined with a physiologic saline solution. This forms a barrier between the affected tissue layers. This enables the serous layers to heal independently of each other.

4DryField® PH is suitable for keyhole surgery. It is easy to apply and it attaches itself to the affected tissue surfaces due to its hygroscopic properties.

The complicated use of separating films is rendered unnecessary.

4DryField® PH forms an adhesion barrier immediately.

4DryField® PH disintegrates within days and is only in situ for as long as it is needed. It cannot cause encapsulation or scarring.


4DryField® PH for haemostasis-   Safe, swift, simple

Maximum efficiency

4DryField® PH consists of hydrophilic microparticles, which are made from purified natural starch. 4DryField® PH absorbs water many times its own mass within seconds. The removal of water causes a concentration of proteins as well as cellular components in blood, and speeds up the coagulation cascade.

A haemostatic seal is formed and acts as a barrier against further bleeding.

Maximum safety in application

4DryField® PH has a high fluidity which enables it to be applied simply and safely during surgical procedures.

Free from side effects*

4DryField® PH is completely free from constituents of animal or human origin. Only natural polymers are used.