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We are a leading manufacturer capable of controlled processing pure tungsten via the additive manufacturing technique Powder Bed Laser Melting. This novel and unique 3D printing technology offers great freedom of design and allows custom-made, highly complex shaped parts to be manufactured from pure tungsten. 

Examples of applications for pure tungsten:

Collimation solutions and beam shaping

Due to its excellent ionizing radiation absorption characteristics, pure tungsten is the preferred metal for collimation and beam shaping solutions in medical and nuclear energy industries.

Thermal and radiation shielding solutions

Pure tungsten has a high melting point and therefor it is often used for thermal or radiation shielding in medical and nuclear energy industries.

Balance weights

Thanks to its density and weight, pure tungsten is often used as a balance weight in the aerospace and defense, leisure, optical and automotive industries, for example.

Non-magnetic parts

Pure tungsten is a non-magnetic metal and is used in medical MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging) and leisure industries.