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ZARYS International Group sp. z o.o. sp. k.

Pod Borem 18 Str
41-808 Zabrze

Zarys Team – our specialists are people with practical clinical experience and extensive industry knowledge. Our goal is to harness this knowledge to better serve our customers. To that end we have active in-house and international training programmes for our staff. These programmes aim to make our knowledge an organisational asset available for customers to draw from. These specialist skills are augmented through participation in the leading international congresses and fairs, which are now the forum for the exchange of knowledge for specialists from around the world. Zarys global out-reach research programme has resulted in the introduction of new developments in the treatment of cancer patients; fast-tracks the introduction of new technologies and in a number of occasions Zarys was first to market in Europe with new ground-breaking technologies.

Manufacturing – the cost efficiencies achieved in the mass production of a wide variety of medical products and supplies assists health care facilities in managing public funds and maximizing value-for-money in public procurement and tenders. To contribute to cost effective solutions in the managing public funds became the motto of our activity over time, and its goal.

Branding – investment in the Zarys brand has quadrupled over the past 5 years and has made Zarys the product of choice with procurement managers across the health service.

Exports – the Zarys warehousing and large inventory facility created the opportunity to enter and build a bridge-head in the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Lithuania, and Germany. Over the next 5 years Zarys plans to extend the distribution base across the EU member states.

Logistics and ICT Framework - by investing in a new logistics centre in 2010, strategically located at the junction of highways A1 and A4, supported by a fully integrated ICT framework designed to provide JIT service to our clients, we have become a very attractive alternative supplier for these export markets. We facilitate quick access to a wide range of products and global brands and the well respected Zarys brand.

This business strategy is designed to grab market share and grow Zarys across the EU and Poland over the next 5 years.

We have 27 years of experience in medical field

We offer the widest choice of disposable medical devices in Poland

Very wide range of our products enables us to offer complex solutions to our clients

Our medical equipment warehouse is one of the largest and most modern storage buildings of this type in Central-East Europe

We select our products very carefully and scrupulouslywith special attention paid to current needs, comfort, quality and convenient availability

We have individual approach to each of our clients

Coordination ofeach order is a responsibility of one particular employee only, which guarantees smooth course of the transaction

We manufacture products under our own brand

We offer medical devices from top world manufacturers

We hire qualified specialists

We implement unique solutions to guarantee the highest quality of customer service

We have sales representatives in all regions of Poland which enables us to meet our clients’ needs almost immediately

Exhibited At: 

disposable medical bed sheet, non-sterile

single use syringe, 3-part, luer - dicoNEX, STERILE

easyCARE latex PF

easyCARE nitrile

easyCARE vinyl PF


NONVI lux S with Y-incision








elastopor STERIL D

elastopor IV