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Wolf X-Ray Corporation

100 W Industry Court
Deer Park, NY 11729
United States
1 800 356 9729

Dear Valued Wolf Customer,

Our goal, and in fact our commitment…is to keep expanding our new product line.  Our initiative is to aid in x-ray protection and imaging positioning for the radiology professional. Wolf provides innovative solutions for the evolving needs of the diagnostic imaging community.  After continuously leading the radiology industry, we are presently leveraging this experience into extraordinary new products, offering accessories to create and provide accurate diagnostic outcomes.

  • Mobile Shields: Wolf has expanded our full line of Lead Acrylic and Glass Barriers.We now offer five (5) Mobile Barrier Shield models with various sizing configurations.Wolf is proud to announce three (3) brand new Mobile Shields:
    • “My Shield™” an adjustable barrier specifically for anesthesiologists and veterinarians
    • Offering our most popular Adjustable Mobile Shield
    • Introducing our newly engineered “Wolf Nuclear Medicine Barrier”
  • Wolf’s Fold & Store™ is a positioning device which lets your staff easily position imaging panels used for taking diagnostic x-rays at a 90° angle.This portable, lateral imaging plate holder uniquely features the ability to fold to 3 ½” deep for ease of storage and transportation in the hospital.
  • Wolf’s new line of weight bearing DR Panel Protectors protects your imaging panels.

 We look forward to assisting with any questions by contacting our customer service staff, one of our local sales representatives, or visit

Thank you for your continued support.


Howard Wolf

President, Wolf X-Ray Corporation

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Free Standing Deca-Rack


Adjustable Height Mobile Barrier


Free Standing Deca-Rack – Wolf X-Ray

Free Standing Deca-Rack

"In Use" Signs – Wolf X-Ray

"In Use" Signs

Weight Bearing DR Panel Protector – Wolf X-Ray

Weight Bearing DR Panel Protector

Wolfoam Positioning Blocks – Wolf X-Ray

Wolfoam Positioning Blocks

Wolf “L & R” Marker Clip – Wolf X-Ray

Wolf “L & R” Marker Clip

Slimline Cassettes with built-in Aluminum Interspaced Grids 103 line, – Wolf X-Ray

Slimline Cassettes

Single Section Single Pivot Shield – Wolf X-Ray

Single Section Single Pivot Shield

Wolf Ice – Wolf X-Ray

Wolf Ice

Easy Wrap Apron: Regular Lead – Wolf X-Ray

Easy Wrap Apron: Regular Lead – Wolf X-Ray

Trimline Basic – Wolf X-Ray

Trimline Basic