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Tapa Healthcare DAC

Regional Development Centre, Dublin Road, Dundalk
A91 K584
Co Louth

Tapa Healthcare is a medical software company, developing solutions that drive proactive patient safety. The company specialises in delivering an intelligent clinical decision support platform (READS) that enables point-of-care patient assessment, detection of a deteriorating patient in real-time, and proactive actions focused on managing the care pathway for a “Patient Like This”.   

READS (Rapid Electronic Assessment Data System) is a CE marked Class I Medical Device designed to deliver Clinical Informatics at the Point-of-Care. It is a robust, portable, and highly customisable clinical tool designed to Assess, Anticipate, and Act.

READS operates securely on any smart phone, tablet, or PC with the goal of closing the information gap at the bedside.  The product captures a complete set of patient observations, calculates & computes Early Warning Scores (EWS), including NEWS and Tapa Healthcare’s own proprietary algorithms, and recommends action that escalate and deescalate managed care.  READS will communicate instantly and directly with clinicians and/or any existing Electronic Medical Record (EMR/EHR/HIS) or hospital IT systems.  


Product Features 

Clinical Intelligence – Multiple Early Warning Scores (EWS) calculations, with automated alerts and recommendations to support risk stratification, identify patient deterioration trends and provide clinical decision support.  

Smart Documentation – Automatically documents as nurses/doctors assess, generates electronic charting, and delivers total track & trace for auditing, analytics, or administrative needs.  

Reliable Handover & Care Escalation – Instantly accessible real-time notifications, automatically generated SBAR reports, and intuitive escalation controls to quickly identify discharge/transfer needs. 

Workload Management – Real-time understanding of patient conditions, pending tasks and capacity utilisation, with a simple workflow built around clinician feedback to further improve efficiency. 

Customisation – Extensive library of specialised assessments (Input/Output, Stroke, Sepsis, AKI and much more) with the ability to easily configure or add new assessments or EWS to suit a hospital’s needs. Furthermore, alerts and protocols can be tweaked at a hospital-wide, ward and individual patient level to fully suit the needs of the environment. 



READS can anticipate patient deterioration and then promote the actions that need to be followed according to hospital and primary care protocols.  Tapa Healthcare suggest that there is growing evidence that READS can help deliver improvements in Mortality Rates, Length of Stay, Hospital Readmission Rates, ICU Admissions/Readmissions, Time Efficiency Savings, and Direct and Indirect Cost Savings.

All clinical algorithms and scores within READS have already been independently validated, and the benefits or efficiency savings of an electronic vs paper based system are long established now, and can be comparable to the general move towards Electronic Health/Medical Records. Tapa Healthcare therefore wishes to focus READS on demonstrating that it is the platform that both nurses and doctors see as an important support tool leads to better patient outcomes, specifically Sepsis.