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SSMaser Technology Private Ltd

2nd Floor College House, 17 King Edwards Road, Ruislip
United Kingdom
44 7436 823660

SSMaser Technology Private Limited is a Global Private Company . Since 1941 we have been focused on building  robust products and environment friendly epidemic infection control solutions . We are proud to be the world’s first leading provider of the breakthrough  Microwave infection control device :Steril Smart which works on revolutionary Microwave Assisted Cold Sterilization technology.

Excellence, customer centric, accountability, innovation and respect are the guiding principles and the cornerstone of our objectives wth our Office at 2nd floor, College House, # 17 King Edwards Road , RUISLIP London , HA47AE, UK.

The dynamic healthcare industry is changing every minute.  Technology innovations are making healthcare implementation  easier, affordable and accessible to the last mile. Sadly, even with the existence of high-end technologies , we are ineffective in the implemenatation of infection and epidemic control for patient safety . The rise of nosocomial infections is a proof of the ineffectiveness of the existing methods.

Steril Smart  is based on the innovative " Microwave - assisted cold sterlization ( MACS)'' for point of generation treatment  for sterilization of hazardous biomedical waste in hospitals.This is essentially a revolutionary method to prevent the patient from the secondary infection caused by hazardous waste generated in hospitals , where disinfection occurs through  steam generated by microwave .Unlike existing technologies , it occupies minimal power and water resource,  is easy to install , plug and play , with customizable user friendly with nine dedicated  algorithms.  The maser technology product Steril Smart has received significant attention worldwide with 14 innovation awards and  papers published in the  top journals and internationally acclaimed INFORMA (Arab Health Magazine ).