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Softneta specializes in medical imaging and communication solutions to improve the quality of healthcare. The company was founded in 2007 and possesses 12+ years of experience in the development of medical devices for processing, visualization and transmission of diagnostic medical data.
Softneta's products are unique and designed to aid medical professionals in the daily’s decision making process, connecting all the medical data into a unified and fast-performing network. Our vision is to be a trusted technology partner and provide universal access to medical imaging and intelligence.

SOFTNETA products are unique and are designed to aid medical professionals in every day’s decision-making process, connecting all the medical data into a unified and fast performing network. MedDream DICOM Viewer is CE and FDA cleared for diagnostic use and certified medical device that can be used for review purposes or even primary diagnosis. MedDream PACS Server is a DICOM 3.0 compliant picture archiving and communication system (PACS) used to store, archive, transmit the data. Surgery Workstation is a medical medical compliant video recording and streaming station supporting DICOM, HL7 standards supports surgical video cameras, scopes (endoscopes, arthroscopes etc.), microscopes and others video sources. Softneta also have dicom station, SendToPACS, ophthalmology workstation and telemedicine platform solutions.

SOFTNETA’s vision is to become global leading medical imaging and communication company. Company already exports its products to more than 40 countries around the world including USA, Germany, Switzerland, Finland, Norway, Russia, China, India, Pakistan, Brazil etc., with more than 440 server installations and over 880 workstation installations. The company maintains contact with over 50 international distributors and OEM’s in all over the world such as Carl Zeiss, Optomed, Volk optics, Swisscom, Optec group, Laitek, Veracomp, DICOM systems. Softneta’s products are marked by MedDream Trademark. Softneta products represent MedDream diagnostic communication platforms: human - machine collaboration platform to improve healthcare. MedDream ensures communication between devices and systems, integrates diagnostic into healthcare infrastructure, provides diagnostic visualization and collaboration tools for doctors and patients also integrates 3rd party processing tools, filters, algorithms and artificial intelligence for clinical decision support and automatic diagnostic.

Over the last few years Softneta has implemented a number of large-scale projects nationwide: biomedicine information system (MIDAS) to make clinical trials and research in University Hospitals, National Clinical Decision Support System (NKSPS), regional telemedicine platforms for cardiology services and radiology, regional e-health systems (Siauliai Regional Health Care Institutions). Softneta created a national medical image archiving and image exchange information system (MEDVAIS) where the entire state of Lithuania was united. System provides possibilities to store medical images, write diagnostic reports, access historical data of the patient, provide remote teleconsultation. E-Health patient portal also provided data access for the patients. System was made to support up to 2000 medical institutions and 540 TB data per year. 117 biggest hospitals were connected in the first stage.

Softneta is the DICOM Library ( portal provider. DICOM Library is a free online medical image, signal or video file sharing and anonymization service for educational and scientific purposes. The number of studies shared by using this portal has reached over 321 k studies throughout 6-year project cycle with about 230 k unique users from 204 countries.

Softneta received EU funding for 7 times for the idea of technical feasibility studies, product development, and commercialization for increasing exports. It had a big impact on company's success. In the beginning of 2016, the Venture Capital Fund (Practica Capital) was attracted to invest in the development of a company and its certification. Softneta also belongs to the Information Technologies in Medicine (MedIT) association.

In medical device business certification is critical. Softneta quality management system conforms to ISO 13485:2003 standards (Certified by DNV Lietuva), product development and support are made according to EU Medical Device Directive 93/42/EEC and amendment 2007/47/EC to the Directive (IEC 62304 Medical device software: software life cycle processes, IEC 62366-1 Application of usability engineering to medical devices, ISO 14971 Application of risk management to medical devices). Medical software products are covered by FDA as a CLASS II medical device and CE certifications.


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