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113 Jungdae-Ro
South Korea
82 2 449 6909

SG HealthCare is the global leader in the medical diagnostic equipment industry with world class technology advancements. Today, we continue to spread the importance of "Seeing more" and "Knowing Better" as opposed to mediocre diagnosis. The information from our systems allows acute analysis, thus increasing the chance of saving lives. X-ray, MRI, CT & Ultrasound systems made by SG HealthCare are widely used all over the world from tiniest mobile clinics to national hospitals. SG HealthCare has proven itself to be revolutionizing the field of medical diagnostic systems and continues to help people all around the world see better with us. Thank you

Exhibited At: 
DOMINUS (Computed Tomography)

DOMINUS 16/32 Slice Multi-function CT series