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Selat for business solutions

Ad Dhubbat, Riyadh 12623,
Riyadh 11652
Saudi Arabia

Selat Co. is one of the leading companies offering technological business solutions. Selat Co. aims to develop the relations between insurance companies and medical service providers.

Therefore Selat Co. offers a package of creative, innovative and integrated electronic Solutions. The health sector witnesses several practices marred by inconsistent procedures with the insurance sector. Therefore, the two sectors relationship has suffered gaps and hurts. Selat Co. is bent on analyzing both sectors, in general, and the insurance sector in particular, on the basis of thorough and in-depth knowledge and information. Selat Co. is also bent on determining the defined standards of service level to achieve technological integration between both sectors. 

Selat Co. consequently has started establishing positive practices through a package of integrated electronic solutions. Such solutions that help to improve the relation between the two sectors and automate the process in order to ensure performing them rapidly with accurate outputs.

In fact, Selat Co. is one of the first national and regional specialized companies concerned with developing the electronic technological solutions for performing the procedures automatically. Selat also works to develop the management of processes, financial demands and comprehensive qulaity of the health sector in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Moreover, Selat Co. aims at developing the insurance sector and proving reliable innovative technological solutions. Thus, such solutions will help optimize the use of materials, performs collection process rapidly and get satisfying results using the best system and methods.

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