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SEERS Medical

Kenton Road
IP14 6LA
United Kingdom
+44 (0) 1728 861 590

The UK's Leading Manufacturer of Examination Couches & Treatment Tables, Patient Transport Trolleys, Care Beds & Ergonomic Seating.

We provide a wide choice of medical couches and accessories to cater for various examination procedures as well as different manual therapy and rehabilitation techniques. For further information on our range of couches and accessories please call  +44 (0) 1728 861 590 or email [email protected].

Exhibited At: 
A&E Trolley

Orlando A&E Trolley

Atlanta A&E Trolley

Transport Trolley

Atlanta Transport Trolley

Shower Trolleys

Shower Trolley

Dialysis Couch

Innovation Deluxe Dialysis

Medicare 3 Section Mobile Treatment Couch

Mobile Treatment Couch

Medicare 2 Section Mobile Treatment Couch

Medicare Bariatric 3 Section Couch

Bariatric 2 Section

Medicare Bariatric 2 Section Couch

Ultrasound and Sonography Couch

Medicare Ultrasound Couch

Echocardiography Couch

Medicare Echocardiography Couch

Medicare Orthopaedic Couches

Phlebotomy Couch

Medicare Phlebotomy Couch

Podiatry Couch

Medicare Podiatry Couch

Multi couch - Medical

Medicare Multi Couch - Single Footrest

Medical couch

Medicare 3 Section Couch

Medicare 2 Section Couch

Medicare Multi Couch - Podiatry Chair

Medicare Multi Couch - Podiatry Chair

Medicare Gynaecology Couch

Medicare Gynaecology Couch

Medicare GP Gynaecology Couch

Medicare GP Gynaecology Couch