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SciPharm S.à r.l.

7, Fausermillen
L-6689 Mertert
+352 2637 8948

SciPharm Sàrl was founded in 2010 to develop pharmaceutical treatments against orphan diseases. In addition, SciPharm became involved in the development and distribution of high precision ambulatory infusion pumps. In relation to this, SciPharm is developing a platform that connects medical devices, which enables remote monitoring as well as distant programming of such devices.

SciPharm is the European Authorised Representative for the Micro sc Infusion Pump from Wuxi Apex Medical Co., Ltd. This high quality, high precision ambulatory pump features an infusion rate between 1 and 350 μL/hr with increments of 1 μL/hr. The high precision is ensured by Swiss pump motor technology.
SciPharm holds the exclusive rights to the Micro sc Infusion Pump. Preparations for a certification of the company according to ISO 13485 are in progress.

Connecting medical devices has many advantages for both patients and caregivers. This can only be done when applying the highest possible standards in terms of safety, eSecurity and privacy protection. SciPharm's Medical Device Management Platform is designed to meet MDR and GDPR requirements.
The SciPharm Medical Device Management Platform will enable safe and secure remote monitoring and distant programming for a multitude of medical devices.

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