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Sapi Med Spa

Via della Chimica 6 Z.I. D3
15121 Alessandria AL

We are an Italian company specialized in manufacturing disposable devices for coloproctology and pelvic floor, with more than 30 years of experience. Our products range consists of diagnostic, surgical and therapeutic disposable devices easy to handle, simple to use and oriented towards an advanced conception of proctology.

The diagnostic devices are represented by Self-lighting anoscopes, of different sizes and shapes, Rectoscopes and haemo-banding ligators, offering several different versions to meet at best doctors’ necessities.

The surgical line consists mainly of retractors, with different sizes and purposes, offering a wide range of devices to perform all colorectal procedures.

The home care range offers anal dilators, plastic and silicone ones, creams, and stomal dilators, and also extends to the pelvic floor pathologies.

Some of them are also covered by patents.

We are also very proud of our customer service, offering immediate support to all our customers all over the world, helping them with marketing material, constant sales training at their offices, field visits at local hospitals, support at fairs or congresses and immediate reaction to difficulties encountered

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