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J. V. Gonzalez 1115

`SAN JOR´ has been manufacturing incubators and sterilization ovens for the hospital area since 1950 with the highest quality in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

We provide excellent service and differentiated quality of supply, and historical tracking of products.

This experience guarantees our knowledge and gives us the possibility of manufacturing products according to market needs.

`SAN JOR´ is a family company specialized in the manufacture of ovens. We have the best human resources in the labor market, offering excellent quality and constant training. In this way we achieve a professional more identified with the philosophy of the company, which provides customers as well as gets a permanent individual or personal development.

Nowadays `SAN JOR´ is a leading trademark in the manufacturing of ovens in Argentina and it still develops its capacity and creativity, gaining prestige based on quality, efficiency and seriousness.  All this background helps `SAN JOR´ to be considered as one of the companies with the best suitability and strength.

The incorporation of new equipment developed by investigation and the department of market studies have allowed the introduction of our products all around the world.

Exhibited At: 
Sterilization Ove SE60AD EcoLogic

Sterilization Oven SE60AD EcoLogic

Incubator SL30CDB Sistema BLAST

Incubator SL30CDB Sistema BLAST