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Pharm-D Singapore PTE Ltd

3791 Jalan Bukit Merah #09-20

Pharm-D’s reputed as reliable and ethical source for highly specialised medicines or some may call it “orphan drugs”.

Our service is synonymous to efficiency and proficiency, which are often the lifelines of some patients.

“Special Products” include: ● Medicines that is needed for life-saving purposes but not available locally as they are not yet registered with the Health Authority. ● New medicines or Vaccines designated with “ORPHAN” status which physicians use to treat, prevent or diagnose rare diseases. ● Time tested effective drugs that are life-saving and previously available in the local market but were discontinued by licensed holders.

Exhibited At: 

Vecobal 500mcg Tablet

Veloxin 25/50mg

Vusimide 10mg/ml

Valens Vethionine

Valens Veucin

Valens Vevalin

Valens Vitrulline

Valens Velargin

Valens Venzoate

Valens Vetyrate


Valens Enersos

Valens Carni-G

Valens Caborie

Valens Thixer

Valens Gucil

Valens Calco

Valens Myotein Plus

Valens Myotein

Valens Myotein