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Nufabrx® Introduces A New Form Of Fashion

Capsaicin Medicine and CBD Infused Clothing is Paving the Way for a New Health-Wear Market


CONOVER, N.C., /PRNewswire/ -- Nufabrx®, a proprietary biomaterial platform that seamlessly embeds active ingredients, including vitamins, supplements and medications, into fabrics, announces the release of the first ever Capsaicin Medicine and CBD infused clothing. After years of research and development, this revolutionary patented technology helps relieve muscle and joint pain consistently throughout the day.

The Nufabrx® patented technology optimizes textile materials with active ingredients at the yarn level in order to maximize their potential, creating a new type of fashion: health-wear. When the infused fabrics begin to respond to the body's temperature and moisture, consumers will benefit from a consistent, all day release of Capsaicin Medicine or CBD into the skin, providing predictable, effective and long-lasting pain relief. The medicated garments, inclusive of compression socks, knee and arm sleeves, foot and ankle sleeves, and gloves, last up to 25 machine washes and months of wear.

"We're thrilled to be expanding the offerings and availability of Nufabrx® to reach more consumers in need of this innovative material," said Nufabrx® Founder and CEO, Jordan Schindler. "With this patented technology, well-being has become a part of everyday outfits. Not only that, the fabric also simply and easily delivers long-lasting pain relief where it's needed most."

Achieving overall health and wellness is simplified by using Nufabrx® products, as a result of replacing the hassle and cost of using pain medications, patches or creams. The materials are specifically designed for comfort and breathability, providing a close fit and ease-of-wear, while simultaneously delivering a controlled dose of medicine to the problem area.




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