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The analog cervicography, which was developed at the University of Wisconsin, was first adopted domestically by NTL. Since then, NTL has made efforts to drop the incidence rate of cervical cancer, and thus, it has succeeded as the rate dropped from first to seventh place in Korea. In 2012, the world’s first wireless cervicography was developed by NTL. In addition to being an importer or manufacturer, NTL is also a sales & marketing company with experience in new product marketing. NTL holds a very strong sales network and has continuous in–service contracts with more than 1,000 clinics and hospitals.

Product: Dr. Cervicam C20, our new version for the TeleCervico, is a remote cervical cancer screening system.  It complements the high false-negative rate (approximately 50%) of a Pap smear as it can raise the sensitivity of up to 98.1% when combined with a Pap smear. Currently, it has been proved to be very effective and economical that made more than 5 million women use our product.

1. Medical S/W Programs: It needs three individual software programs to operate a Network version.

2. Dr. Cervicam C20: A wireless cervical camera that is composed of a digital cervical camera, medical software programs, and specialized evaluators for examination.


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Medical S/W Programs

Medical S/W Programs

Dr. Cervicam C20

Dr. Cervicam C20