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Nosiboo® - ATTRACT Kft.

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The idea behind Nosiboo

The idea of the Nosiboo nasal aspirators came from two young engineer fathers (Zsolt Mátrabérci, and Walter Streitmann, co-owners) whose families had to deal with sleepless nights after their infants came on board. After having spent two years researching, developing and testing the prototypes, the talented duo created the final design of Nosiboo.

The manufacturing company was established in Hungary and it has been growing dynamically since the launch of the Nosiboo project in 2011. In the course of the product development the most important aspects are: operational efficiency, integrated safety technology and innovative, child-friendly design. In order to constantly meet our own expectations, a team of engineers, designers and childcare specialists are involved in the process.

Product range

Nosiboo focuses on devices for clearing stuffy little noses. The company is best known for a series of innovative nasal aspirators, already recognized by thousands of parents. The product portfolio has been extended recently with a compact nasal inhaler, starting a new line in the brand’s product family.                                                                                                     

Designed to care.

Nosiboo is driven by exceptional design. Our revolutionary products are not only highly effective, but child-friendly and comfortable for parents, too. We care about how our devices work and how they look. Our goal is to make every family moment enjoyable, thanks to our innovative approach and developing friendly solutions.        

Quality. Technology.

In our products, design meets quality and technology. Specialists help us to define the highest safe suction power, the optimal ergonomics and the applied raw materials. The Nosiboo products are made of BPA-free materials which go through strict biocompatibility tests performed by the German BIOSERV Analytics and Medical Devices testing lab.

Our products are protected by patent and by Community design, the Nosiboo brand is a registered trademark.

Nosiboo’s quality management system has the ISO 13485:2016 certification that provides continuous high-quality assurance in the course of product development, manufacturing, and in after sales services.

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Nosiboo Snif Bio Aroma and Salt Inhaler

Nosiboo Snif Bio Aroma and Salt Inhaler

Nosiboo Eco Manual Nasal Aspirator For Babies

Nosiboo Eco Manual Nasal Aspirator

Nosiboo Pro Electric Nasal Aspirator

Nosiboo Go Portable Electric Nasal Aspirator