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What is Flashwave and how does it work?

Medcial Background

Flashwaves® are acoustic waves with a specific wave signature that move in and through the body at supersonic speed. They are generated in a controlled manner and can be varied in strength, energy and penetration depth and adapted to the medical needs of each patient.  Thanks to the expertise and experience of international physicians and German engineers, Flashwave® therapy makes it possible to treat complaints that were previously considered difficult to treat or even incurable.

The acoustic waves initiate communication with and between the cells and activate an intrinsic repair program in the tissue. This cellular communication is the basis of a unique medical efficacy without relevant side effects.

Flashwave® is particularly effective where conventional therapies fail or only work with unpleasant side effects. Treatment with Flashwave® can eliminate the need for invasive procedures such as surgery, lengthy therapies and medication.


How is Flashwave® used?

One of the biggest advantages ofFlashwave® therapy is its individualapplicability. Depending on thediagnosis, the treatment is preciselyadapted to the patient‘s needs. Beforethe application by the doctor/therapist, acoupling medium, usually a special oil, is appliedto the treatment area to ensure the transfer ofthe Flashwave® into the body and the activationof cellular communication.


How long does a Flashwave® therapy take?

The number of treatments varies depending on your diagnosis. The most complex aspect of Flashwave® therapy is the in-depth anamnesis and diagnosis of the cause of the medical problem. The actual Flashwave® treatment usually takes eight to twelve minutes. Many patients report a noticeable improvement immediately after the first session, although usually three to five treatments are recommended.

Flashwave® Diabetes

Flashwave® ASM

Flashwave® MMC